Well, this is a long time coming. I announced the news yesterday on my Twitter account and on Patreon, but since Tuesday has been TSD’s update day, here we are.

I have some news, not good news (maybe to some?), I guess. The Solitary Divide the comic is ending short. I’m not going to update it on the site anymore.

Why? Well, because that event a year ago this month that crushed my spirit and high-hopes for the comic still bothers me a lot to this day. I never got over it. I’m not strong. I somehow made it through art school lol. I appreciate the kind comments but I just don’t enjoy working on the comic anymore (I do still enjoy writing it though but that’s going to stay private now). I look at TSD with sadness and criticism. It’s been like this for the past year. Last time I changed my mind because of some support I received from friends and the Twitch art community, but I think I could get all the nice words in the world but still decide the same.


Patreon updates will continue as usual because of the payment structure. I am going to send the complete Prologue to everyone who supported me via Patreon when the lettering is finished, probably this Fall (I don’t have a lot of time these days). I’ll be deactivating the Patreon at the end of the month before anyone is charged on June 1st, of course.

Thanks again and my apologies to everyone that I couldn’t make it. (I’m really not changing my mind this time, I’m done.)