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That’s the end of Prologue 03! This was the longest Prologue chapter and the others are about 25 pages each.

Prologues 04 and 05 were really difficult for me to complete, as I think many know that I went through a rough patch with the comic and I wasn’t sure that I was going to finish it. The story itself is around 7-8 years old now and it’s still a work in-progress, but is more of a fun thing.

Prologue 03 was almost the last of the comic (as I was already finished with it when I was going to quit) but I managed to complete 04 and 05 somehow.

Craig’s Side Story is an additional 12-page story that takes place before Prologue 01 and will be sent free to those who donate in any tier (even the $1 one) on Patreon this month of April. It’ll be sent out later this month because I have to finish lettering it.

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