Thanks for reading. We’ve reached the end of Prologue – Chapter 1! Chapter 2 will begin next week and Chapter 3 is currently in development.

Since the chapter has concluded, I’ll share some thoughts: This was my first full comic since I was maybe 10-years-old. I’ve been making short slice-of-life stories in a vertical format for the last 4+ years or so, so this was a learning experience. I also had to make a lot of backgrounds. So many backgrounds.

Anyway, this chapter was difficult because of the emotional content. There is no reunion or relying on a greater force for help. Alex is going to have to get used to losing people, either by death or betrayal. But, I can promise you the dog doesn’t die.

Happy to announce that The Solitary Divide Prologue Chapter 1 is a nominee for Comixcentral’s 2018 Comic Awards.

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Feeling impatient? The Solitary Divide Prologue Chapter 2 is now available on ComixCentral!